Secured User

About the Training:

            The purpose of the Secured User training program is to provide computer/smart phone users with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their information assets from hackers. From this training program people will understand various security threats like identity theft, social engineering attacks, viruses & backdoors, hacking attacks, data loss etc. This class will engage students into an interactive environment where they will acquire essential understanding of various security measures such as computer protection, Security measures, protecting personal identity etc.

Program Duration:

21 Hours/ 3 Days

Who Should Attend?

            This course is specifically designed for today's computer users who uses the computers, internet, Mobile devices, Cloud services and the World Wide Web extensively to work, study and play in day today life.

Prerequisite knowledge:

  • Knowledge of how to use Computer.
  • Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet.

Benefits of “Secured User” Program:

  • Provide better protection for assets by
    • Helping people to recognize and respond appropriately to real and potential security concerns.
    • Providing fresh, updated information to keep your staff current on new risks and what to do about them.
    • Making people aware that the data on their computers and mobile devices (PDAs, thumb drives, smart phones, etc.) are valuable and vulnerable.
  • Improve optimism by
    • Providing information that is personally useful to users, such as how to avoid scams, fraud, phishing, and ID theft. Information on how to protect home PCs and how to use e-mail and the Internet safely lets employees know that your organization cares about them. Building good computing habits at home is as important as building those behaviour’s at work. Secure computing habits will transfer across environments.
    • Rewarding good security behaviour’s and those who stand up for security. Recognition for doing something well boosts self-confidence.
  • Save money by
    • Reducing the number and range of information security breaches. The sooner a breach is identified, the lower the cost of addressing it will be. Direct costs (e.g., cost to recover data lost or altered during an incident, cost to notify about breaches) and indirect costs (e.g., lost trust, time spent investigating/resolving breaches and hoaxes) will decrease.
    • Providing savings through coordination and measurement of all security awareness, training, and educational activities while reducing duplication of efforts.

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